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Windowsill Chats

Jan 25, 2023

Margo is joined by artist and illustrator Gabriella Buckingham. Gabriella has been creating beautiful paintings to grace walls all over the world with a riot of color since 1990 along with inspiring budding artists to follow their desires for their own painting. Through her online courses and mentoring, students realize that beyond the practical how-to's there are no rules. Her students feel the excitement of their own power to choose what to explore in the way they want to. They become braver, discovering their own art without comparison and fall in love with their own potential. Gabriella has two teenagers and lives with her freelance photographer husband near the sea in North Norfolk, England. She's currently studying Human Design and has been able to make many connections between her design type and creative being.


Margo and Gabriella discuss:

  • Her creative path
  • The loneliness that often comes with being a solo creative business owner
  • Why you can’t take things personally in business
  • How to find the right people to get in front of and get noticed
  • Human design: what it is and how it works
  • Getting comfortable with the unknown and giving yourself space
  • Her courses and offerings and where she intends to spend her time this year
  • The never ending personal voyage of discovery
  • And more!


Connect with Gabriella:

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