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Windowsill Chats

Sep 8, 2021

Margo has a thought provoking conversation with Australian artist and surface pattern designer Kirsten Katz. Kirsten’s passion for art, color, nature and design took her on a journey into the world of surface design but prior to her art career she was a ballerina and came from a family of artists and performers. Kirsten studied Textile Design and Printing at The Fashion Design School in 2012, this has enabled her to create a range of contemporary art and surface pattern designs that are modern and have a recognizable style. She specializes in designs that incorporate botanical motifs, bold patterns, geometrics and modern florals. Her work combines traditional art practices, hand drawn illustrations, mixed media painting, vibrant colors and textures to create designs that are bold and on trend.


Margo and Kirsten discuss:

  • Authenticity and the importance of creating art that YOU like
  • Why you’re only as good as the last piece of art you made
  • Keeping a narrow focus and how it helps with confidence
  • Mixing mediums and trying new techniques
  • How she hones in on color combinations
  • Allowing intuition into the creative process
  • Why she doesn’t feel in alignment with commission pieces
  • And so much more!


Kirsten’s designs can be found on a variety of products including apparel, home décor, fabric, stationery, greeting cards, giftware and wall art.


Connect with Kirsten: