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Windowsill Chats

Jun 22, 2022

Margo sits down with West Coast based photographer Christopher Dibble.Chris studied at Art Center College of Design and has spent his career photographing projects for commercial and editorial clients, designers, artists, and architects. Specializing in lifestyle interiors and portraiture, he has been interviewed by Popular Photography Magazine about his environmental portraiture and was selected as one of The Advocate’s 40 under 40. His work has been featured in editorial publications including House Beautiful, Dwell, HGTV, Country Living, Entertainment Weekly, and People Magazine. He’s also produced work for manufacturers including Sunbrella, The Shade Store, and Framebridge. While portraiture and interior design are considered two different photographic genres, Dibble works to combine his understanding of both with the intent of creating imagery that tells a story.


Margo and Chris discuss:

  • How his formal education has informed and influenced his work 
  • Why he finds community and personal connections to be so important and how they have paid off in his career
  • How his work has evolved and how how he applied his knowledge from portraiture to interiors
  • Imposter syndrome, the comparison trap, and how you can have appreciation for artists in your field without falling into a trap
  • Giving yourself grace, especially when it comes to our creative businesses
  • Why he believes in having hobbies that you're not trying to make a business out of
  • His passion for weaving
  • And a whole lot more


Chris’ first book, Modern Americana was released in 2021 and features over 100 photographs. He is currently working on a new book with designer Karen Nepacena of Destination Eichler. He is also balancing several projects beyond his own commercial photography business including a small product photography studio creating assets for brands, a community building project focusing on artist street fairs and pop up events as well as an online boutique featuring local makers of all levels, and a personal portraiture series of large format portraits. 


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Connect with Chris: