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Windowsill Chats

Apr 3, 2024

Margo is joined once again by surface pattern designer, intuitive art maker, and course creator Jessica Swift. As a child, Jessica sported a nearly-permanent Crayola marker stain on her left arm, from pinky to elbows so, naturally, she became an artist. She creates colorful, uplifting artwork and manufactures her own products in her studio in Portland, Oregon. She also collaborates with inspiring companies and publishers to create branded products such as fabric, stationery, puzzles, books, and more. She's the author of 3 books and teaches online classes on topics including pattern design, color, and intuitive art-making.


Margo and Jessica discuss:

  • The pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of Jessica’s career as an artist

  • How she combines outer art mediums with an inner focus for healing

  • Using art making as a portal for personal discovery and self expression

  • How to tune out external noise in order to trust your inner voice better

  • How engaging with art can impact decision-making

  • Jessica’s approach in how she uses art as a vehicle for personal growth and insight rather than just an aesthetic outcome

  • Authentic expression online

  • Her upcoming course, Unleashed: A Creative Journey to Inner Freedom


Connect with Jessica:

Windowsill Chats Episode 105


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