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Windowsill Chats

Sep 27, 2023

Margo is joined by fellow PNW island dweller, Rachel Phillips. Rachel is a mama to three boys, 32 chickens, and a 'robust' amount of art supplies. She refers to herself as a little Anne of Green Gables with a dash of Pippi longstocking and a side of Laura ingalls and holds a master's degree in wildflower picking, a doctorate in smearing paint and has studied extensively under the likes of mother nature, Grandfather Twilight and Bob Ross YouTube videos. Rachel has been practicing heART journaling for over a decade as a way for her to tell her story and the stories of people she meets along the way. They are jam-packed full of art, artifacts (heARTifacts), quotes, lists, collages, illustrations and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Her creative niche is joy and she does and makes whatever she feels like, whenever she feels like while giving others permission to do the same. 


Topics discussed:

[10:27] Why Rachel was led to journaling and the nostalgia it brought

[16:14] Moving to an island helped me relax.

[22:59] Storytelling: how stories connect generations and spark magical experiences.

[28:30] Fitting your creativity in as it works for you. Why Rachel does pick-up pages instead of morning pages.

[29:33] Rachel’s new online course and unique way of sharing creative tips for journaling.

[34:58] How she’s manifested her current life and what she hopes to manifest in the future. 

[45:06] Living authentically and honestly and the pros and cons that come with it.

[46:29] Being multi passionate

[56:02] Who inspires Rachel

Connect with Rachel: