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Windowsill Chats

Jan 13, 2021

Margo is joined by the infamous Lilla Rogers. With a degree in fine art from San Francisco and a second degree in illustration, Lilla spent the 1980s working as a  full-time, highly successful illustrator, whose art has featured in publications including the New York Times Magazine, Vogue magazine, the Grammys and many more. She then went on to found Lilla Rogers Studio, a visionary art agency that represents over three dozen artists from around the world and has sold art for products worth over $300 million. As well as representing some of the most sought-after artists worldwide, the Studio has licensed artwork on a huge variety of products, including best-selling children’s books, home décor, major ad campaigns, magazines, wall décor, and greetings cards: their client list includes Crate & Barrel, Chronicle, the New York Times, Blue Q, Godiva, Barneys New York, Warner Brothers, IKEA, Target, Paperchase, Anthropologie, and hundreds more.


Lilla & Margo chat about:

  • How Lilla got her start in art and was inspired by her mother
  • How and why she decided to become an agent 
  • Nurturing artists with her warm and whimsical teaching style
  • Her biggest pieces of advice for artists
  • Breaking down creative ideas into manageable steps
  • How to go about finding an agent 
  • Overcoming fear and putting oneself out there
  • And much more!


Lilla Rogers Studio has become one of the most respected illustration agencies in the US, serving clients all over the world who count on her deep knowledge of trends. Being an illustrator and teacher gives Lilla the unique ability to help her artists grow, as she fully understands the creative process and how to nurture the best in each artist.


Connect with Lilla: