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Windowsill Chats

Aug 30, 2023

Margo is joined by certified empowerment coach, Sheila Kamuda. Sheila was inspired to become a coach through her own healing journey after the loss of her husband, and leadership experience where she directed a team of 20 creatives and eventually started Live Out Loud Coaching. She is passionate about helping professionals value who they are and what they "bring to the party" and recognize they have not been put here to just take up space but to realize their full potential. 

 In this episode, Sheila opens up about her own healing journey and how it led her to create her coaching company, her creative practices that helped aid in her healing journey, how to embrace your own brilliance, the power of gratitude, her books and a whole lot more.


Topics discussed:

[04:31] How grieving led to writing letters to her husband and where she received the message to become a coach.

[09:23] Boosting your own confidence and recognizing your accomplishments.

[22:25] Her innovative journal with empowering and simple prompts.

[23:49] Choosing happiness, gratitude, kindness, and self-love. Magical, life-changing principles in a gratitude journal.

[29:20] Overcoming self-doubt, releasing blocks, and trusting intuition.

[32:55] The power in reflecting on past actions and seeking improvement.

[37:39] Her book and how it helps individuals embrace being alone and heal.

[48:41] Who inspires Sheila


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