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Windowsill Chats

Sep 29, 2021

This week Margo brings on Certified Life & Business Coach for interior designers, Desi Creswell. Desi is a former interior designer and found herself at a crossroads when she was exhausted from the hamster wheel and wanted to get out of the hustle in her career, especially as a new mom. From there she found a way to get out of her busy work and became the person she wished she had in the beginning - a coach and mentor for creatives. She coaches designers through mindset tools and practical strategies so that they can make the time to build meaningful progress toward their business and life goals.


Margo and Desi discuss:

  • Desi’s journey and what led her to becoming a coach
  • Why mindset is such a big focus for both her business and her clients
  • How to gain insight into yourself (and how she guides her clients through this process)
  • Letting yourself dream with permission to not act on it
  • Time management and people pleasing
  • Why your planner doesn’t produce results
  • How to embrace discomfort as a creative entrepreneur
  • How your identity shapes what you are able to create in your life and business
  • And so much more!


Desi’s background training makes her uniquely equipped to empower her clients with an essential blend of industry specific expertise and mindset coaching. She has been featured on popular podcasts and is also a co-author in LuAnn Nigara’s latest book A Well Designed Business, Power Talk Friday Experts: Volume 2.


Connect with Desi:

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