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Windowsill Chats

Mar 30, 2022

Margo is joined by the multi-faceted, passionate, creative genius Kate Shepherd. Kate spent her whole life busily and successfully manifesting all the things. Money. A great jewelry brand. An expensive home in a big city. But still there was something missing... and it wasn't material. As a lifelong artist, creativity has been her greatest friend and constant companion, the one thing that has never left her. It has walked beside her through some very dark times and always led her back to the light. Kate one day realized that not everyone has the same relationship with creativity and it hit her. She knew at that moment that at the deepest level of her being, she wanted to be in service to something and she realized exactly how.  


Margo and Kate discuss:

  • Kate’s creative path and the hardships she faced within it
  • Dealing with and facing uncertainty
  • How and when she realized creativity is her superpower
  • What it means to be creatively free
  • What happens when you ignore desire and curiosity 
  • How she’s helping others to allow their own creativity to emerge
  • Why willingness and vulnerability is so important in creativity


Kate knows from her own life that a healthy relationship with creativity is as important as breathing or thinking and when we activate creativity we access deep wisdom and intelligence that has the power to help us build the lives of our dreams. Kate launched The Creative Genius Podcast this past October as an answer to the calling in her heart. It is 100% devoted to the emergence of creativity in people, all the people, everywhere. It is a love letter to everyone who has ever wished they could be more creative but believed they couldn't. 


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Connect with Kate:

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