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Windowsill Chats

Sep 15, 2021

This week Margo is joined by Abby Jacobs. As far back as she can remember, art making has always been her favorite thing to do and the happiest times in her life are when she’s had some kind of creative routine. Abby believed in art making as a way of life so deeply that she pursued a master’s degree in transpersonal counseling and art therapy from Naropa University in Boulder after studying art and psychology/human services as an undergraduate. Any time something doesn’t feel right in her life, she asks herself, “Am I making art work daily?” and if the answer is no, then she likely has a solution.


Margo and Abby discuss:

  • Why pattern clashing isn’t a bad thing
  • Her art therapy background and how she uses it in her daily creative practices
  • The importance of working with clients that feel in alignment
  • Having an outlet for yourself, beyond paid work
  • Client and people pleasing
  • Creating work that’s authentic to you
  • Insights that she gained from a 100 day project
  • And much more!


After many career twists and turns, Abby is now a licensed artist creating artwork for a range of products and companies and loving it. 


Connect with Abby: