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Windowsill Chats

Sep 6, 2023

Margo is joined by co-founder and creative director of El Extraordinario, Marcus Hurst. El Extraordinario is an award winning creative outfit specialized in audio fiction and podcasts making timeless long form content with high production values and a strong emphasis on sound design. Looking more to music record labels like XL Recordings as inspiration for creating podcasts rather than traditional podcasting, El Extraordinario is anything but traditional.

Marcus shares his experiences in the world of blogging, journalism, and now podcasting, and how he’s found success in being adaptable, assembling a solid team, brand partnerships, how he manages social media personally and professionally and much more.

Topics discussed:

[02:23] Blogging and its impact on journalism

[06:57] The monopolization of blogging

[11:49] Developing a different approach to journalism

[19:08] The importance of high production values and audio engineering with the types of content he produces

[23:16] Creating a successful sponsored brand podcast in partnership with Switzerland Tourism

[25:48] Coming up with new ideas and how to execute them. Exploring the freedom and risk-taking that comes into play at El Extraordinario

[33:13] Spanish elegance and politeness with ground rules.

[38:26] Benefits of having a small team and understanding each person's unique values

[39:45] Connections and creativity within the podcasting realm

[48:07] Spanish speaking markets versus English speaking markets

[50:03] Upcoming podcast projects

[54:22] People and things currently inspiring Marcus


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