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Windowsill Chats

Sep 13, 2023

Margo is joined by elementary school art teacher Faigie Kobre. Faigie uses a choice based method called TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) and has recently developed a program for schools called Beyond Copycat Crafts that helps other teachers aid in how to give children developmentally appropriate, creative art instead of copycat, cookie cutter crafts. Faigie also has taught adult creativity through mixed media and alcohol inks. She teaches the difference between creativity and artistic ability and how our own thoughts on this subject likely stems from our childhood experiences.


Topics discussed:

[02:53] How a business course unexpectedly sparked creativity in Faigie

[08:34] Why she was initially rejected from a coaching program and how taking initiative changed her coaches mind

[12:02] How perfectionism stifles creativity; art is problem-solving.

[21:04] How and why creativity develops differently in us and when we begin to see self-doubt with our own creative abilities

[22:27] How mixed media art has been both transformational and liberating for Faigie

[27:39] Teaching for artistic behavior. Faigie’s choice-based program  that teaches drawing, collage, painting and creates an exciting learning environment for kids

[31:36] Guiding kids to embrace challenges in creativity

[33:11] Integration of art in education and curriculum

[37:06] Teaching art concepts with freedom, not restrictions

[47:49] How she got involved with alcohol inks and her course

Connect with Faigie: