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Windowsill Chats

Jul 21, 2021

In this episode, Margo is joined by jewelry maker and owner of Grace Gow, Cat McCadden. Inspired by where the city meets the sea, Cat McCadden transforms oceanic forms into an extension of her modern and sophisticated style. Cat’s art practice draws inspiration from the natural environment, the sea, and coastal culture. In her work, she mixes traditional metalsmith fabrication techniques, the lost wax casting process and an edgy eye for design with other traditional gemstone and jewelry references. The result is a hybrid contemporary style with textural motifs and lively depictions of oceanic forms.


Margo and Cat discuss:

  • Her original hopes of being an architect
  • Her journey from high end print and into art directing before having her entrepreneurial epiphany
  • Her favorite part of the creative process
  • How she got into teaching courses and why she loves it so much
  • The three buckets to balance as a jewelry designer
  • Her favorite mediums to create with
  • The feeling she strives to create for her customers
  • And so much more!


Cat has exhibited on the West and East coasts and currently sells her collection in over a dozen different cities from Boston, MA to Hanalei, HI. She maintains a retail e-commerce website, develops commissioned sculptural pieces, develops private-label product design solutions and re-imagines family heirlooms into new modern pieces for private clients. She currently lives and works on Vashon Island, Washington.


Connect with Cat: