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Windowsill Chats

Dec 20, 2023

Margo is joined by Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Guide Jade Chen. Jade supports and assists people on their healing journey and believes everyone has the capacity to activate the healer within. Her own awakening journey began in 2016 when life took some major turns and she left both a highly financially secure career and a relationship of over 6 years. She felt she had been living her life in a dazed dream; just going through the motions and trying her best to maintain surface happiness. She began to pray a lot and then reconnect to the spirit world through those prayers, and began to receive some answers. The messages she received included to acknowledge her own experience, pain and trauma and to go inward and hold space for herself in a way that felt real. Since 2016 she’s continued to receive messages that have allowed her to grow and evolve while helping others do the same. She works with people one on one and in group settings and also leads healing retreats throughout the year. 


Margo and Jade discuss:

  • Jade’s year of transformation that led her to shamanic and spiritual work

  • What a Shamanic Practitioner is and does

  • Use of practices like meditation and connecting with nature for healing

  • The connection between creativity and spirituality

  • Tapping into our inner-child through creativity

  • The commonality of being an empath among highly creative people

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and anxiety in sharing creative work

  • And more


Connect with Jade: 

Illuminated Women’s Business Retreat


Connect with Margo: