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Windowsill Chats

Jul 7, 2021

Margo is joined once again by Lisa Congdon. This time, to discuss pushing past your limiting beliefs and doing the hard things. Lisa specifically shares her experience of getting involved in gravel racing and recently competing in one of the hardest gravel races in the world - The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder Race. Although this challenge was not directly related to her career necessarily, there is so much that can be taken away and compared to the challenges of getting creative, entrepreneurship, learning new skills, and so much more. 


Lisa and Margo discuss:

  • The importance of detaching from your work at times
  • Challenging yourself in new ways
  • Resilience and how we’re often much more resilient than we think
  • Feeding both your mental and physical endurance
  • Why you have to get uncomfortable in order to level up
  • And more! 


Connect with Lisa:

Learn more about the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder Race