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Windowsill Chats

Sep 20, 2023

Margo is joined by artist, illustrator and quintessential creative entrepreneur, Becky Dawson. Becky started screen printing t-shirts in her spare bedroom 12 years ago with a little knowledge and a lot of hope (and creativity) and has since evolved into designing and manufacturing her own line of paper and gift products sold in 100’s of stores worldwide. She paints, draws, and makes ceramic creations on top of owning and managing a brick and mortar gallery & gift shop that exclusively carries her art and products. Becky’s art is a creative world full of mythical creatures, farm animals and pets, plants and flowers and she’s inspired by the beautiful, the unusual, joy, and fun.


Topics Discussed:

[00:55] Becky’s early creative path going from hairstylist to graphic tee designer and Etsy shop owner

[07:55] Discovering creative potential and consistent income through new endeavors

[18:06] Finding new ways to manage and ship products in order to focus on her art

[20:03] How Becky built her brand locally and why she opted out of most trade shows

[27:48] Finding connection through art and conversations with others

[36:13] Getting into ceramics

[42:29] How slow periods have led to artistic growth and expansion

[44:17] Getting creative during the pandemic and opening her self-serve gift shop

[51:19] Advice for emerging artists and creatives on finding their own path

[54:22] People inspiring Becky


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Morgen Barrett

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Connect with Becky: